Gallery 1 kauri bowls

Gallery 1   Kauri Bowls

(we have just relocated our gallery and are back wood turning again so will be adding more bowls shortly)  We have around 30 kauri bowls in the gallery but not all on our website at this stage but we are working on listing them

These kauri bowls are all crafted by Master Wood turner

Rick Taylor

At the Wood Turners Studio Gallery

and are 100% New Zealand made

we can post around New Zealand and Worldwide

 if we post your purchase to an overseas address you get the 15% gst (tax) off the price.

Postage extra. All prices in New Zealand dollars 



Our range of bowls changes all the time

we add bowls as soon as Rick has turned them

If you are interested in purchasing one of our kauri bowls email us with the reference number and we can let you know if it is still available -    and we post Worldwide (the 15% GST tax is deducted if the bowl is posted for an address out of New Zealand)

Most of our ancient kauri has come from a swamp where samples were tested by radio carbon dating and the result was 3860 years buried kauri

 we can take payment by credit card or direct transfer to our bank account and via paypal

or cash / eftpos / credit card if you are visiting the gallery


New Zealand Ancient kauri salad or fruit bowl

ref 3805

size approx 8 1/2 inches across x 3 1/2 inches deep

22 cm x 9 cm approx



New Zealand Ancient Kauri bowl - very nice grain patterns and colours

suitable for salad or fruit bowl

ref 3804 $345

size approx 9 inches across x just under 4 inches deep23 cm x 10 cm approx 


very pretty grained ancient kauri bowl - salad or fruit bowl

size approx 9 1/4 inches across x 5 inches deep

23 cm x 13 cm

ref 3803




ref 3802

NZ ancient kauri bowl - suitable for fruit or salad

size approx 9 1/4 inches across x 3 inches deep

23 cm x 8 cm



beautiful golden ancient kauri salad or fruit bowl

Ref 3801

size approx 9 inches across x  3 3/4 inches deep

approx 23 cm x 9 cm



more ancient kauri bowls


Above - New Zealand Ancient Kauri bowl

ref 2801

size approx  6 1/2 inches across the top x  4 inches high

 17 cm x  10 cm


above - pretty ancient kauri bowl with green brown and yellow colouring

ref 2504

size approx  7 1/2 inches across x  2 1/2 inches high

19 cm x  7 cm approx



Ancient Kauri bowl

Ref 2303

size approx 9 3/4 inches across x  2 1/4 inches deep

24 cm x 6 cm approx



above - usual green and yellow Ancient Kauri bowl

Ref 9002

10 1/2 inches x 2 1/2 inches deep

27 cm  x  6 xm approx


above - large macrocarpa burr / burl free form bowl

14 inches across x 3 1/2 inche deep

 36 cm x 9 cm

Ref 5020