Pen blanks

Pen blanks 
We offer some truly amazing figured New Zealand Ancient Kauri pen blanks - this grain is getting harder to find these days as we cant recovery any more kauri from the swamplands. You can purchase one or more. Quote the reference number for the one/ones you want. Swamp test age of samples taken from the swamp where the kauri for these pen blanks came from was 3,860 yearsd buried. Amazing kauri
  • ancient kauri pen blanks
    great selection of colours and grains for you to turn in to some lovely pens. Interesting green, yellows and rich browns in this selection of ancient kauri pen blanks. Price is per pen blank - mostly NZ$45 some $50 or $60
    NZ$ 45.00
  • pen blanks Ancient Kauri
    We have a great selection of pen blanks for sale
    NZ$40 each - some very interesting colours and grains in this group of New Zealand Ancient Kauri pen blanks. Purchase one or more. We can post to you.
    NZ$ 40.00