Ancient Kauri

Ancient kauri

 how we recovered this wood from swamp land here on the Kauri Coast, Northland, New Zealand

the oldest workable wood in the World

lack of air and totally covered has preserved the kauri

It is believed that the ancient kauri forests were knocked over by tsunami which could have been caused by eruptions, earthquakes or other natural events

radio carbondating is done on samples of the kauri to determine the time the kauri wood has been laying in the swamplands

some ancient kauri has been carbon dated at up to 50,000 years

Lots of work 

Rick Taylor

Cutting the ancient kauri stumps in to blanks

Special dry sheds where used to carefully dry the ancient kauri

(below) living kauri trees - Darby and Joan in the Waipoua Kauri Forest

 approximately 45 minutes north/west of Dargaville

(below) Tane Mahuta - around 2000 years old

Waipoua Kauri Forest - north/west of Dargaville - only a five minute walk off State Highway 12     -    only 1 hour north of The Woodturners Kauri Gallery and Studio  

(below) one huge trunk of Ancient Kauri recovered from swampland