Gallery 1 kauri bowls

Gallery 1   Kauri Bowls


not all the bowls available are shown on here - ask us if you have  special size bowl request

These kauri bowls are all crafted by Master Wood turner

Rick Taylor

At the Wood Turners Studio Gallery

and are 100% New Zealand made

we can post worldwide

 if we post your purchase you get the 15% gst (tax) off the price.

Postage extra. All prices in New Zealand dollars 



A selection of ancient kauri bowls we have in our gallery - our stock changes all the time. If you are interested in purchasing one of our kauri bowls email us with the reference number and we can let you know if it is still available -

Most of our ancient kauri has come from a swamp where samples were tested by radio carbon dating and the result was 3860 years buried kauri

We have more  ancient kauri bowls available in our gallery - not all get put on here - ask us what currrent stock we have and we can send you photos - prices range from NZ$145 


when ordering by email or phone please quote the reference number

we can take payment by credit card or direct transfer to our bank account (or cash if you are visiting the gallery)


wider rim Ancient Kauri bowl ref 2302

size approx 9 inches across (23cm)

depth 3 inches (8cm)




Ancient Kauri bowl

approx  6 1/2 inches wide x 3 inches deep (17cm x 8 cm)

Ref 2301





green and yellow ancient kauri bowl

ref 1915


size approx 8 1/2 inches across x 2 inches deep

( 22 cm x 5 cm)


green and yellow ancient kauri bowl

reference 9907


size approx  9 1/2 inches across x 3 1/2 inches deep

(approx  24 cm x  8cm)

below - ref 9617

ancient kauri bowl with wider rim


Size approx  11inches across x 2 1/2 inches deep ( 28cm x 6m)

below - ancient kauri platter bowl

ref 9616

size approx 15 inches across x 4 inches deep

(38cm x 10cm)





the usual green and yellow ancient kauri

free form bowl ref 9002

size larger size 10 1/2 inches by 2 1/2 inches deep





below - ancient kauri bowl

ref 7031 (sold)

 size approx 11 inches across x 5 inches deep (28 cm x 13 cm)


below - ancient kauri bowl - very pretty grain

size approx 9 inches x 4 inches deep ( 23cm x 10 cm)

ref 7029 NZ$325 (sold)


below - ancient kauri platter / bowl with lots of the fiddleback grain 

size approx 13 inches across x 3 inches deep (33 cm x 8cm)

ref 7027 NZ$685  (sold)





below -  Ref 6014 ancient kauri bowl with lovely grain patterns

NZ$325 (sold)

size 9 inches across x 4 inches deep  (23 cm x  10cm)

Below - ancient kauri deep bowl

ref 6013

  5 1/2 inches high and 8 inches across

NZ$325 (sold)

below   -  ref 6003 - ancient kauri bowl

11 3/4 inches across  (30cm)

NZ$325  (sold)

below  - Ref 6001 ancient kauri bowl

height 4 inches x 10 inches across

NZ$325 (sold)



Below - Ancient Kauri bowl ref 1938

  size approx 14 inches x 5 inches deep - 36cm x  13cm deep

 NZ$425 (sold)

(above) Ref 1284 - fiddleback grain ancient kauri with "stoneware" exterior finish - deep bowl

NZ$485 - (sold)

below - ancient kauri winged bowl Ref 1367

NZ$650  (SOLD)

below - large macrocarpa burr/burl freeform bowl

Ref 5020 NZ$1250   - available now