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Others woods 

below - poplar burr - burl rolled edge bowl

ref 5061 SOLD

size 8 inches (20cm) x 2 1/2 inches high (6cm) approx


below - poplar burr / burl platter bowl

size 13 inches across (33cm) x  2 1/4 inches high (6cm) approx

ref 5060  SOLD


below - large - poplar burl / burl platter

size 16inches across (40cm) x 1  3/4inches (4cm ) deep

ref 5057


below - very pretty poplar burr / burl bowl

size 5 inches (13cm) x 2 1/2inches high (6cm) approx

ref 5058  NZ$285 (sold)

below - stunning  birds eye totara burr bowl

REF       NZ$1250  (sold)

2 photos showing top and side view

Side on view of the Totara birdseye burr bowl

Below - black maire bowls  (one has sold)

ref  $5019 NZ$225 and Ref 5018 NZ$225

Below - New Zealand native timber serving or cutting boards