Gallery 2 kauri platters

Gallery 2          Ancient Kauri Platters


all the platters on this page are handcrafted by master

Wood turner Rick Taylor

and are 100% New Zealand made

   we have  more ancient kauri platters in our gallery - not all are shown on this website

beautiful ancient kauri platter by Rick Taylor

green and yellow kauri with lots of fiddleback grain

Ref 9409   


size aprox 12 inches across   - 30cm

below - large ancient kauri platter with beautiful fiddleback grain

ref 8027 NZ$1250

size approx 17 inches across (43cm)

swamp test age of the kauri 3,860 years buried


below - ancient kauri platter / bowl

size  approx 13 inches across x 3 inches deep  (33 cm  x 8cm )

ref 7027 NZ$685

below -  beautiful ancient kauri platter

Ref 7015  NZ$685

swamp test age of the kauri 3860 years buried 

size approx 14 inches across (36cm)



below - Ancient Kauri Platter

Ref 6020

NZ$485  (sold)

  15 inches across - approx 38 cm



(below)  Ancient Kauri Platter   ref 1508  NZ$485

45cm  (sold)

(below) Ancient Kauri Platter   Ref 8505  NZ$625

40 cm  (sold)

below - mottled ancient kauri platter Ref 2039 NZ$1250  swamp test age 30,000 year old kauri

33 cm  (sold)