ancient kauri bowls

  • Ancient Kauri bowl
    functional ancient kauri bowl by Rick Taylor
    pretty grains with some of the "3d" grain of the fiddleback grain
    ref 2802
    size approx 12 inches across the top by 5 inches deep
    30 cm x 13 cm approx
    NZ$ 425.00
  • New Zealand Ancient Kauri bowl
    Swamp test age 3,860 years buried
    Size approx 6 1/4inches across the top x 4 inches high
    16 cm x 10cm approx
    NZ$ 285.00
  • green and yellow ancient kauri bowl
    unusual colour of this ancient kauri we think has been caused by the tannin in manuka growing near the swamp which has reacted with the kauri gum/resin with the result of the interesting change in colour
    NZ$ 325.00