Pens to delight

Pens to delight

We have a selection of beautiful pens all made here by Rick Taylor at our gallery studio  in Dargaville

Kauri Coast, Northland, New Zealand

Great presentation gift idea

cards about the story and age of the ancient kauri included with each pen

New Zealand Ancient Kauri sierra pens

just put these in the gallery for sale

$135 each pen and includes a presentation case

each pen has a slightly different fiddleback grain

pen orders over 20 can be laser engraved at an additional cost

A presentation case is included with pens valued at NZ$135 and over.

The presentation case can be purchased for NZ$15 to go with any of the other pens

the Sierra pens above are all made from Ancient Kauri

golden, fiddleback and the unusual green kauri - NZ$135 each and include the presentation case.


(above) close up of the ancient kauri sierra pen with case


(above) Totara Birds eye burl - burr sierra pen

NZ$135 including presentation case


the fiddleback grain kauri pens NZ$85 to $125 each

(below) close up of a fiddleback grain ancient kauri pens.



Below - fountain pen Ancient Kauri NZ$185 including the presentation case

(sold but more in stock)