Handmade soap incorporting ancient kauri shavings


Beautiful handmade soap with New Zealand Ancient kauri shavings.

Feel fresh and smell great with the gentle, soothing exfoliating handmade soap. The ancient Kauri used in this soap has been sourced from Duck Creek, near Dargaville and radio-carbondated age determination of wood in this swamp has shown a sample test age of 3,860 years. So, quite possibly the world's oldest soap.

This soap, with the support of Master Woodturner Rick Taylor, using the kauri shavings from his turnings to create a unique product

  100% plant-based and 100% biodegradable packaging.  

choose from the range of fragrances

Oatmeal milk and honey

Black raspberry and vanilla

Lavender and Chamomile

Cedarwood Fir and Spearment

$15 each

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Ingredients can include:

Fresh Northland rain water, Lavender oil, Camomile , flower sweet almond oil, purple mica colorant, kauri, coconut oil, sustainable palm oil, salt, raw sugar, rice bran, macadamia oil and sodium hydroxide plus Ultramarine Blue colorant, black raspberry, milk, honey, brazilian clay,oatmeal, cedar wood, fir, patchouli, spearment   

 depending on the type of  soap