Pen blanks


Get your pen blanks now as we cant get any more ancient kauri from the swamps as no more permits are being issued.


 The green colour, we think, comes from the tannin from the Manuka growing above the swamp where this ancient kauri had been laying for around 3,860 years (swamp test age). The tannin reacts with the kauri gum (resin) resulting in the green colouring. We also have some golden kauri pen blanks that arent swamp kauri


suitable for one piece pens

NZ$40 each  - pick one for more

we can post/courier to you



the light coloured golden pen blanks are New Zealand kauri but not from buried kauri

NZ$20 each   ( have more than 2 available)

the others are NZ ancient kauri and range in price from NZ$45, $50 and $60 each

some very interesting green ancient kauri and some kauri with yellow/green colouring 

Golden Ancient kauri pen blanks  $20 each plus postage

These pen blanks came from an Ancient forest under ground that had a carbon date

age of 3860 years buried