Pen blanks


We specialise in blanks for making pens

and we post world wide

email   directly if you have a request for pen blanks or see our "buy now" page on this website we can work out postage costs

some very special figured New Zealand Ancient Kauri pen blanks - getting harder to find this beautiful grain these days.

We can post one or more pen blanks to you

a few more pen blanks added to our buy now page

below - very unusual green and yellow ancient kauri

for pen blanks for knife scales - size and prices on the photo 

some special pieces for your special projects

below - 2 piece New Zealand Ancient kauri pen blanks

NZ$30 each ref 104 - 108

one piece pen blanks NZ$15 each

New Zealand Ancient Kauri

ref 114 to 118

Below - one piece NZ ancient kauri pen blanks

NZ$15 each ref  124 and 125


one piece pen blanks, New Zealand Ancient kauri NZ$15 each


New Zealand Ancient kauri 1 piece pen blanks NZ$15 each


one piece sierra pen blanks New Zealand Kauri NZ$15 each

NZ ancient kauri pen blanks NZ$30 each (85 sold)



one piece NZ Ancient kauri pen blanks ref 87,88.88 and 89 NZ$15 each


XL size pen blanks - lots of options for pen makers

only NZ$30 each

(58 and 59 Sold)


Golden Ancient kauri pen blanks  $10 each plus postage

These pen blanks came from an Ancient forest under ground that had a carbon date

age of 3860 years buried