Ancient Kauri Clock

Ancient Kauri Clocks


North and South Island clock / barometres

mantle and wall clocks

kiwi shaped clocks

clocks with paua shell

clocks shown here are sold - shown as samples only

Each one has a slight different grain pattern - swamp test age of the ancient kauri up to 50,000 years.

above - large pendulum clock NZ$529

kiwi shaped ancient kauri clocks - some with alarms

NZ$110 or with an alarm NZ$120


below - mantel clocks  

 range from NZ$110 or with alarm NZ$120




wall clock (below) NZ$205

ancient kauri with paua shell and NZ paua

wall clock (below) NZ$305

below -   NZ Ancient Kauri clock NZ$305

below - Ancient Kauri Clock NZ$305

North Island Ancient Kauri clock NZ$259

South Island Ancient Kauri (above) - with a barometre NZ$259

or purchase as a set NZ$485

 one North Island with clock and the South Island with a barometre